The most unusual New Year’s celebration!

2 min readJan 1, 2022

Hi dear readers, I’m here to tell you about my New Year’s Eve and explain why it was so special.

To start with, I celebrated it with my little sister, with whom we haven’t even talked properly for more than 16 years mind you. When we were children, we didn’t really get along, I don’t even remember what the problem was now, we just kind of didn’t notice each other. But thankfully 2021 was a real game changer! We spent the whole July by the sea together, during this time we opened up to each other, so now I have one more friend who is my sister! We discovered that we both would like to invest in our friendship. So it was perfectly splendid to celebrate New Year’s with her as my new friend.

What is more, I was listening to Mr. Putin’s speech lying in bed! At 11:30 yesterday I discovered that I was so weary that I didn’t want to party with my friends anymore, I just wanted to make myself a cup of hot chocolate and get under the covers. I hesitated at first, thinking it was a little disrespectful to leave the party at 11:30 before the chimes of Spasskaya Tower and before Putin delivers his incredible speech, but then I realized that this was what I wanted. I was very tired after a long day of chopping and baking, so it was such a relief to finally go to bed. So basically it’s truthful to say that I celebrated New Years alone for the first time!

Thanks for reading my post! I wonder what your most unorthodox New Year’s celebration was! Feel free to share it in comments.